We focus on implementing BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

About VYNE

Vyne Solutions was founded in 2012, and has been providing solutions in the field of SAP Business intelligence and Business objects.

We specialize in following areas: SAP Business Warehouse, Business Objects and Custom Report Development, HANA, Dashboarding and Data Visualization, mobile solutions, custom coding and training.

Who we ARE

Vyne Solutions is a consulting company that specializes in Business Intelligence, we focus on helping companies turn data their data into knowledge and knowledge into profit. Data can be a touchy subject now that data overload is such a common problem for businesses. With so many applications, mobile devices, and sensors producing data, it can be extremely difficult to distinguish the importance of particular data. Here at Vyne Solutions we turn that data fuzziness into clarity with our solutions.

What we DO

Here at Vyne Solutions we turn that fuzziness into data clarity with our solutions.

Here are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Installations/Upgrades of Business Objects
  • Business Objects Administration
  • Universe Design
  • SAP BW Modeling
  • Extraction Transformation Loading Data
  • Report Design
  • Dashboarding and Data Visualization
  • Custom Development Solutions
  • Mobile solutions
  • 24/7 Support

Our Professional TEAM

Michelle Archinal

Chris Back

Jennifer Bennetts

Denise Barberet

What Others Are Saying ABOUT US

Our business services focus on Business Intelligence, we strive to help our clients with any of their business intelligence needs. If you have Business Intelligence problems, we have business intelligence Solutions!

Miley-DoeI would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Vyne Solutions has been highly impressive. You’ve been a great help. Your service is fantastic. I’m so glad I picked you guys.



Mike-BillI must compliment you and your organization for your efficiency and professionalism. I have been totally impressed by the ease in which you provided service to us. I hope in the future that we can do some serious business with you.


Baradon-hillI can’t remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it’s due. From start to finish your service has been more than excellent.


Walon-SmithOnce again, many thanks for your clarity and consideration. It is really refreshing to find that in a business. Keep it up. Looking forward to working with Vyne Solutions for many years to come!


VYNE Latest News

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