Today I noticed a report was taking a really long time to return after adding a new field into the Web Intelligence Report. I analyzed the SQL statements and everything looked ok there …. so my next idea for troubleshooting was to jump on the Central Management Server and bring up the monitoring tool.



Ahh ha there’s definitely a problem with both the OutputFileReposity and InputFileRepository. I suspect that it’s a spacing issue on the server, If I double click on either the OutputFileRepository or the InputFileRepository you will see the space is running low.

Reports are saved to the Input File Repository store, this can become quite large if there are a large number of users saving reports. Universes and others data are stored in the same location

Reports that are scheduled to any type of destination other than User’s Inbox


Let’s see if I can clean things up by login onto the server and cleaning up some space

Here are some locations that can be cleaned up


The input and output filestore can be found:

E:…SAP Business ObjectsSAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0FileStore

What is stored in the input and output folders?


Input FRS

The Input File Repository Server manages all of the report objects and program objects that have been published to the repository. It can store .RPT, .CAR, .EXE, .BAT, .JS, .XLS, .DOC, .PPT, .RTF, .TXT, .PDF, .WID files. In the case of .RPT files, they are stored as report definition files only which do not contain any data.


Output FRS

The Output File Repository Server manages all of the report instances (saved data copy of the report) generated by the Report Job Server or the Web Intelligence Report Server, and the program instances generated by the Program Job Server. It also manages instances generated by the Web Intelligence Report Server and the LOV Job Server. It can store the following files: .RPT, .CSV, .XLS, .DOC, .RTF, .TXT, .PDF, .WID. For .RPT and .WID files are stored as reports/documents with saved data.



SAP Business Objects FRS Prunning Settings in the Central Management Console

  1. Working with FRS Pruning and tracing
    1. Add –Prune – trace
  2. Stop File Servers (both IFRS and OFRS) in CCM (XI 3.x) and in CMC (4.0)
  3. Add -Prune command at the end of the line to FRS (Input and Output) and also TraceCommand at the end fo the line to check it is cleaning up files and folders that are empty
  4. Start the servers and Monitoring the pruning process, you should regain more disk space

Refer to this note by Daya Jha for more details



if the logging folder is large, clean up the folder by removing any logs that don’t need to be there


E…SAP Business ObjectsSAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0logging


Once your cleanup is complete, go verify on the Central Management Console Monitor that your spacing issue has been fixed

Everything looks fine now, we should be able to report.