The BI Launchpad comes out of the box with a default the timeout sessions configured to 20 minutes.

If you would like this changed then there are a few areas that need to be changed.

  1. Change session setting in Web.xml File
  • Go to <Install Directory>SAP Business ObjectsTomcat6webappsBOEWEB-INF
  • Open web.xml file in notepad Search for the following tag in web.xml:

  • Search for the following tag in web.xml:
  • Change the session timeout to required time such as 120 minutes.

  1. Change the other Web.xml file
    1. Go to E:SAP BusinessObjectsSAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0warfileswebappsBOEWEB-INF
    2. Open web.xml file in notepad and change the session-timeout variable to 60


  2. Change settings for CMC
  • Log onto to Central Management Console (CMC)
  • And go to Servers

  • Under Server List go to Web Intelligence Server
  • Right Mouse Click on Web Intelligence Server and click Properties
  • Change Idle Document Timeout (it is in seconds) 300
  • Change Idle Connection Timeout (it is in minutes) 540

  • Change the timeout at the end of command line.

  1. Restart the services
  • Go to CCM – Start > All Programs > SAP Business Intelligence > SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4 > Central Configuration Manager

  • Stop Apache Tomcat and start back
  • Stop SIA and start it back


  1. Make changes to Registry (These setting should be changed by Windows Admin)
  • Open the Registry Editor by going to Start > Run > regedit
  • Locate the: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE SAP BusinessObjectsSuite XI 4.0CMSInstances <NodeName>.cms node
  • Set the. IdleSessionTimeout to 14400000

  • Locate the  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE SAP BusinessObjectsSuite XI 4.0defaultWebIntelligenceServerAdminSwapTimeOut node
  • Set the SwapTimeOut to 3600000