I want to create date filter that dynamically filters on today’s date.

  1. Open Information Design Tool
  2. Go to your Project and open the Data Foundation Layer by double clicking on the layer in your project.
  3. Right click in the Master area Insert Derived Table ….



  1. Enter the name ‘Today’ and enter the following sql

Select curDate()



For the catalog(‘ZCDUNDAY_CONNECTION’).”PUBLIC”.”IZCDUNDAY” just select a dummy table from your tables

  1. Next save your Data Foundation
  2. Recreate the Business layer


    You can now see Today is part of your Business Layer aka universe


  3. Right click and publish the universe to your repository


  4. Open up your Web Intelligence Tool and open the universe


  5. Now create a filter pick Equal to and now select the value
    Object from this query



    And pick the new object Today that we recently created at the universe level



  6. Now we can run the report and it will dynamically run on today’s date.

If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact me at info@vynesolutions.com.