Over the last few years all I’ve been hearing about is HANA. On a daily basis I hear HANA this, HANA that, people talk about it in the hallways, my inbox fills up with information sales pitches, webinars, presentations … etc. SAP is heading down the path where every customer using SAP will have to use HANA, this will be the norm but when will this happen …2 years … 3 years???

SAP is where my career lies so I think it’s probably important to learn the technology and be ready for the future. In this blog post I’ll document learning HANA from the ground up. Let’s track down the best sources of information and education to learn HANA.

First and foremost, what does HANA stand for? High Performance Analytic Appliance … What? Now what does that mean? It’s basically an architecture for in memory computing for SAP. SAP HANA is delivered as an integrated solution with hardware and software called an “appliance”.

What version of HANA should I be using? Currently I am operating off of SAP HANA SP04

SAP HANA Platform

  • SAP HANA as an appliance

SAP HANA Database

  • SAP HANA in-memory database architecture

SAP HANA Application

  • Introduction to providing access to SAP HANA data (via HTTP)

Native SAP HANA Applications:

  • Applications written for SAP HANA XS, for example, in: server-side JavaScript, ODATA, XMLA/MDX

Non-Native SAP HANA Applications:

  • Applications developed externally, for example, in: ABAP, JAVA, .Net

HANA Studio

what are the best HANA blogs?
1. http://www.saphana.com/community/blogs
2. http://www.hanageeks.com/

what are the best books?
1. SAP Press – SAP HANA – An Introduction 2012 -http://www.sap-press.com/products/SAP-HANA%3A-An-Introduction-%282nd-Edition%29.html

Where can I find some SAP HANA video?
1. http://www.saphana.com/community/hana-academy

One of the best articles related to the HANA Certification (C_HANAIMP_1) by prabhith prabhakaran is locate here



Other References
setting up HANA on a AWS – http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-28294

This list will evole as I learn and grow my education related to SAP HANA

Please contact me if you have anymore good information I can add to the blog.