With OpenDocument a web intelligence report can pass the reports results to another report. This functionality is powerful if the user would like to drill down on particular field.

First I would recommend reading the documentation on OpenDocument link to get you familiar with OpenDocument and the correct syntax.

The steps to utilize OpenDocument in a Web Intelligence reports if the following:

  1. Create a variable that makes reference to your constructed parameterized URL – this is a URL the points to your underlying report.

    http://<servername>:<port>/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/OpenDocument.jsp?<parameter1>&<parameter2> …..


  2. Next in the underlying report has make reference to the drill down field in a filter within the report.

I recently created a report that returns a bunch of business partners then if the user wants to find out more information then he/she can click on the business partner and then the user will be sent to a new report with all the details on the business partner. This functionality was done using OpenDocument.