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Data Audit

Review company data and validate data sources are established correctly

Clarifying Metrics

Establish Custom Business Metrics 

Data Reporting

Build out associated data reports to measure company results.

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Our experts have 20 years experience helping businesses make sense of data.

We help companies make sense of their data. Business use a large number of tools to operate in business and we know first hand how difficult it can be to select the best source of data for accurately measuring results, especially results the whole company will base their reporting off. These numbers need to be accurate and this is where VYNE comes into help.

Data Audit

Data confidence is the starting point to moving your business to the next level. Our audits review and validate your company is tracking the right information from the right location to evaluate results.


Clarifying Metrics

Peter Drucker famously said“if you can't measure it, you can't manage it”

Let us establish a small number of kpi’s your company can track and measure if your business is heading in the right direction. If you hit your established targets you know your business if heading in the right direction

Data Reporting

Build out associated data reports to measure company results. The team can automate reports to be sent to the team on a schedule in order for the team to keep on target.

Data is our expertise, if you have a special data request reach out to our team for a quote.



“"I found working with the Vyne team on our advanced analytics projects to be a very positive experience on many fronts.”

Josh Phillips Director of Analytics and Behavioral Science, Eliza Corporation





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